Green Meeting

The aim is to host the event according to the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel for Green Meetings / Green Events.

Would you believe that each and every congress attendant produces 3.5 kg of residual waste, as well as 5.5 kg of paper waste per day? It does not need to be like this!

The 8th European Congress on the Use, Management and Conservation of Buildings of Historical Value will be held in accordance with the provisions on the Austrian Eco-Label for Green Meetings. Already promoting a responsible and sustainable approach to the environment and our resources in our mission statement, the BHÖ seeks to walk the talk on sustainability:

”The Burghauptmannschaft Österreich ensures the sustainable conservation of Austria‘s cultural heritage.“

Green Meetings are characterised by many particularities, including the use of chlorine-free TCF paper, avoiding printing material wherever possible, and the reuse of congress material.
ÖBB tickets (Click here) for the Austrian railways or special C02 compensation flight tickets will turn your trip into a low-emission journey. Click here

You may use the following link to purchase reduced flight tickets at Austrian Airlines, the official carrier at the European Congress on the Use, Management and Conservation of Buildings of Historical Value: Click Here

Participants of this congress will be offered a “congress fare”, that is to say, a tariff-reduction of 15%.

Furthermore, participants are also eligible for a tariff-reduction on their public transport tickets at the Vienna public transport services Wiener Linien: Click Here

The tickets are print tickets (to be printed by you) and they will be issued in the name of the buyer (first name and last name). They can be printed at home easily after having been ordered and may only be used in combination with a valid ID card (i.e. passport …). In addition, it is possible to purchase the airport transfer ticket along with the public transport ticket. In Vienna, you can easily do without your car, as the hotels can all be reached by using public transport facilities. Also, the Congress Centre is a Green Venue, as it is equipped with a sound energy, electricity and waste system. The Green Catering team will provide you with dishes that are both traditional and creative. By using organic products, we do not only support the region but also your own well-being, for only natural and healthy products are being served.

We kindly invite you to...

  1. Whenever possible, opt for an eco-friendly travel to Vienna by using public transport or carpool.
  2. If you are unable or do not want to do without a car, or if you have to travel by plane, make up for the CO2 emissions by paying a compensation:, mindful flights or

We seek to set an example...

  1. Organising the event, we strive to meet the criteria of the Austrian „Green Meetings“ Eco-Label.
  2. Our documentation will only be printed if necessary. We encourage you to follow our example!
  3. Our forms are exclusively printed on totally chlorine free (TCF) paper.
  4. Our badges will be reused; the conference kits will be 100% recyclable and are meant to be reused, too.
  5. Our programme considers aspects of gender mainstreaming and diversity.
  6. In our programme, we have incorporated cultural elements our region has to offer. Our objects clearly form part of this selection!
  7. Conforming to all aspects of sustainability, our catering considers regional, seasonal, organic and fair trade products.
  8. For social reasons, public authorities, and charity and church organisations are eligible for a fee reduction.
  9. People with disabilities can be provided with personal assistance during the congress, if such service is required.
  10. Professional child care facilities are available during the time of the congress.

Easily achievable hotels with Ecolabel

Other hotels nearby the Hofburg Vienna: